Johannes Tang Kristensen

Data Science / Data Engineering / Econometrics / R / Python

Below you will find a short version of my CV, the full version is available upon request. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

Current position

Research affiliations

  • Research Fellow, Center for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series (CREATES), Aarhus University.

Past positions

  • Associate Professor, 2016-2017, Aalborg University, Department of Mathematical Sciences.
  • Assistant Professor, 2015-2016, Aalborg University, Department of Mathematical Sciences.
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher, 2014-2015, University of Southern Denmark, Department of Business and Economics.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2011-2013, Aarhus University, Department of Economics and Business, CREATES.


  • PhD in Economics and Management, 2008-2011, Aarhus University, School of Economics and Management, CREATES.
  • Master of Science in Economics and Finance (Cand.oecon.), 2006-2008, University of Southern Denmark.
  • Bachelor of Economics (Økonomisk Bacheloruddannelse), 2003-2006, University of Southern Denmark.